Award Winning Whitetail

Although I am blessed to say that I’ve bow hunted many places around the globe, It didn’t take long for TC outdoors to become my favorite hunting destination. It’s because they provide you with that perfect mix of professionalism and laid back atmosphere. Not to mention great quality deer. Over the last 5 years my deer have gotten bigger each year (ranging from 150 to over 300). As a bow hunter, I look for well-conceived stand sites with natural funnels, food sources, bedding areas, etc. At TC Outdoors, I’ve been able to harvest trophy deer at distances of 20 yards all the way up 55 yards. You never know what to expect! The only thing you can predict are the great accommodations…great food, and hospitality. Shawn and Charity really know how to provide their hunters with a challenging hunt and a good time. I highly recommend the nightly campfire with something hot to eat and cold to drink!

Bob aka “55”

We are very fortunate to have Bob as a friend and a client. He has received the Safari Club International Alabama Chapter Alternative Weapons Bronze Award for 2017 and 2018.  Both bucks were harvested at Tc Outdoors.

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