“Loved This Trip!”

Talk about an experience, all I can say is thank you. This was my first time meeting Shawn and Charity and the rest of his help but at the end of our trip I felt like I had known them my whole life. The location was beautiful, the cabin was cozy and made me feel at home, the food was better than expected, and that’s not even to mention the hunting. As far as the hunting goes, I saw more trophy deer the first morning then I have previously combined and this continued throughout the hunt. Loved the trip and was sad when we had to leave because it felt like we were leaving lifelong friends and not just a guide whom we had met just a couple days prior. I would highly recommend TC Outdoors to anybody not just for the supreme hunting, but also for the companionship and overall experience that comes along with TC Outdoors. All I can say is thank you. 


Clint Herndon

South Carolina 


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